Media Gaming an important part of CJSE 17

In today's armed conflicts, hybrid warfare plays an ever increasing role. Media is a key part of this kind of impact operations. Therefore, managers should practice building good relationships with the media and managing different forms of media situations.

Both on paper as well as digital. The magazine with news from the game scenario is spread in the exercise. Photo: Torbjörn Gustafsson/Swedish Armed Forces
The morning's broadcast reaches out to the participants. Photo: Torbjörn Gustafsson/Swedish Armed Forces
Åsa Sköld, one of the reporters in the Media Gaming Cell, explains how they work in the production team. Photo: Torbjörn Gustafsson/Swedish Armed Forces
Ric Hawkins is preparing for recording in the studio where he, as a news reader, delivers the latest news in the exercise scenario. Photo: Torbjörn Gustafsson/Swedish Armed Forces

In the Media Gaming Cell at the CJSE 17 exercise, the pace is high. The time is right after eleven in the morning and today's first news broadcast from TV16 News has just been played around in the practice rooms at Enköping garrison. The news about the dead and injured, kidnapped and rescued people has been wired to the practitioners. The headlines of The Generic Herald's headlines bear witness to the same. 

– The purpose of our news is that the participants should learn about them and act on the content, it is part of the exercise, says Åsa Sköld, one of the reporters in the Media Gaming Cell. 

Exercise participants should practice managing the media as a strategic resource and also world-wide surveillance, making balances about own communication needs to be done and analyzing the consequences of media surveillance. The subject content of the news also needs to be reviewed and compared to its own location picture. 

The agenda is set - but everything can happen

Today's news is already a passé in the media cell. There you are in full swing producing tomorrow's news to be broadcast and printed in the magazine, but also published in the fictional social media channels: Acebook, Jitter and Speedygram. 

What news to produce is predetermined in the exercise scenario and a production plan is available for the entire day. 

It is the JEC, a Joint Exercise Centre, which controls the game and sends the statements of what will happen in the news game to the Media Gaming Cell. 

– Although it is a predetermined scenario, the plan can change, and then we adjust the content of the news after that. But we are always one step ahead, concluded Åsa, who must go back to continue the work with tomorrow's news.