Together for a safer world

The exercise Bison Counter 2016 is coming to an end and these last couple of weeks has been intense. With nearly 1000 participants from 21 different countries it has been great opportunity to build the capability of C-IED (Counter Improvised Explosive Device).

Jonny Nilsson and Jonas Frohlund standing in front of flagpoles ing the Skillingaryd camp.
Jonny Nilsson and Jonas Frohlund has been in charge of the excercise Bison Counter 2016. Photo: Caroline Segerdahl

— This has been a successful exercise where we have had the opportunity to share our knowledge with colleagues from other countries and to learn from each other. To conduct an exercise of this scale with so many different nationalities involved is rare. It has been a very positive experience, says Jonas Frohlund, who has been in charge of Bison Counter. Together we have made the world a safer place by developing this capability.

Even though the participants are now leaving Småland and Blekinge, the work continues at home to develop the C-IED way of thinking and acting.

— This has been an ongoing process for over one year for me and my colleague Jonny, and when it came to the execution there have been a lot of people involved in making this work. It has been hard work, but in the end it was a success, concludes Jonas. Now we gather all the lessons learned to become smarter and stronger and to keep moving forward in developing the C-IED concept together.