Mobile high technology in the fight against improvised bombs

The Exercise Bison Counter is underway and initial exercises and tests are carried out as well as exchange of knowledge. Among other things, JDEAL (Joint Deployable Exploitation and Analysis Laboratory) had a presentation and tour of the mobile forensic laboratory.

Övning Bison Counter
Övning Bison Counter
Major Campbell and Dr. Kühar in conversation. Photo: Monica Sandsvik Svensson
Övning Bison Counter
The brand of JDEAL, Joint Deployable Exploitation and Analysis Laboratory. Photo: Monica Sandsvik Svensson
Övning Bison Counter
The corridor in the mobile forensic laboratory. Photo: Monica Sandsvik Svensson
Övning Bison Counter
Dr. Kühar is a chemist in the laboratory. Photo: Monica Sandsvik Svensson
Övning Bison Counter
Major Verkoeijen, the Officer Commander of the mobile forensic laboratory. Photo: Monica Sandsvik Svensson
Övning Bison Counter
The laboratory from the outside. Photo: Monica Sandsvik Svensson

European Defence Agency, EDA, is the umbrella organization for the project together with the lead nation Netherlands and with the help of other member countries. The laboratory has cost approximately EUR 2 million to build, it is brand new and out on its maiden voyage. Sweden and The Exercise Bison Counter is the proud host. Major Gary Campbell, head of the 12. C-IED TF during the exercise, in close cooperation with JDEAL staff and mentions that the exercise will be a skills development for all involved.

The laboratory tested for the first time

Major Geert-Jan Verkoeijen, Commanding Officer of the lab proudly shows the container exterior and interior. - Me and my staff are proud and committed both in show and test the equipment in the exercise, says Major Verkoeijen. It is important says Major Verkoeijen JDEAL to be as visible as possible, to get policy makers to take quick and strategic decisions about the use of the equipment where there is need.

"To participate in the Exercise Bison Counter is important, cooperation and coordination within the C-IED area is necessary. The exercise involves twenty countries through the cooperation European Defence Agency Project Team Countering Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED PT), so we will reach out with our message" says major Verkoeijen and continuous:

"An urgent goal is a common C-IED terminology for all stakeholders."

From fingerprints to air particles

His colleague and chemist Dr. Andreas Kühar explains that the components and materials from conventional and improvised bombs are collected, analyzed, X-rayed, photographed and documented to be at the forefront in terms of technology and tactics in the C-IED area.

Evidence in form of fingerprints, procedures and manufacturing are collected.

"All the equipment in the lab is the latest technology and manufactured to be deployed and operated under any climatic conditions", says Andreas Kühar. The mobile forensic laboratory is part of the chain practiced by Bison Counter to detect, mitigate, neutralize, predict and prevent the threat from criminal groups and networks.

"We the good forces want to stay ahead of those who have planted the bomb", says major Gary Campbell.