First Pool Training

In order to get a real pool feeling the teams trained for the first time in the pool in which the competition will be held. The 48th World Military Lifesaving Championships opened yesterday with pomp and splendour at Halmstad Castle. Today it gets more serious when the competitions get going.

Athlets getting a sense of the pool, the day before competition. Photo: Christian Lövgren/Försvarsmakten
Brottet Swim Stadium. Photo: Christian Lövgren/Försvarsmakten
Navy Captain Cyro Coelho, coach for the Brazilian team. Photo: Christian Lövgren/Försvarsmakten
Practicing race starts. Photo: Christian Lövgren/Försvarsmakten
Jesper Lindberg, Sports director during the World Military Lifesaving Championships. Photo: Christian Lövgren/Försvarsmakten
Safety first. Just in case the lifesavers need to be saved, there is an ambulance ready. Photo: Christian Lövgren/Försvarsmakten

Brottet swim arena is the venue where the competitions will be decided on Wednesday and Thursday.  Today, those competing got a chance to acquaint themselves with the pool, which is closed to the general public for swimming until Friday.

Jesper Lindberg, who is responsible for the competition, rushes around and does his best to keep check of everything that is going on.
- Now we are nearly under way, says Jesper, who brightens up like the sun.  Everything has gone smoothly so far and now we have the athletes in the water as well.  It feels good, he says.

There is something that Jesper does not have control over, however – the summer weather!
- The weather forecast is not so promising this week and it might be necessary to move the competition a little further south, to Tylösand, if the forecast proves correct.

Cyro Coelho is a Captain in the Brazilian Navy, and is also coach for the Brazilian team. He leans over a fence at Brottet and looks intensively at his team´s training.  He is also thinking about the weather.
- It feels great to be here, but it is a little bit cold, he says.  We had over 30 degrees when we left Brazil.  And is it always so windy, he wonders?  It can be a bit tough when we are out in the sea...

Being in Halmstad brings mixed feelings for Cyro Coelho just now. 
- I would have really liked to have followed the Olympic Games home in Brazil, but now we are here instead.  And that isn´t too bad either, he admits.  The Swedish are nice and the food is good.  And we have a World Championships in Lifesaving to follow here!