Sweden in MINUSMA, Mali and the Sahel – a long-term commitment to peace and progress

Sweden is committed to promoting peace in Mali and the Sahel. Since contributing to the very first UN peace operation in 1948, 80.000 Swedes have served in UN peace operations. Sweden is an active contributor to MINUSMA, providing peace and security in Timbuktu and Sector West.

A Swedish soldier in Mali. Photo: Anna Norén/Swedish Armed Forces

The Swedish contingent of the force consists of an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, (ISR), task force and a national support unit, with approximately 250 members in total. The majority of the force is located at Camp Nobel on the outskirts of Timbuktu, the Malian capital, but can, if necessary, conduct operations throughout Mali.

Sweden’s commitment is long-term and growing. We have extended the force contribution to MINUSMA and are stepping up by contributing to a transport aviation unit rotational concept.

Sweden believes in the link between peace and development. We are also one of the major donors of development and humanitarian aid to Mali and the Sahel region.

Barn i en by möter upp svenska spaningsgrupper.  FN-insatsen i Mali, Mali 03, våren 2016.
Photo: Gustav Dahlgren/Försvarsmakten