We got the SWEDEC quality stamp

Armtrac Ltd testing their mechanical demining system at SWEDEC

SWEDEC in Eksjö, has conducted testing of mechanical demining systems since late 1990. Since there is no other facility in Northern Europe and very few in the world that can offer these opportunities many organizations and companies stand in line.

The test environment at Norra Kulla test site consists of both lanes for testing demining machines and buildings, an airplane, a bus and a platform with a train suitable for testing the different sensors used to detect improvised devices and conventional ammunition.

The French Armed Forces recently came to see the facilities while the Armtrac 75T 230 from Armtrac Ltd, based in the UK, was tested. The mine clearing machine was tested according to the standardized test methods based on the CEN Workshop Agreement for Demining Machines.

- I am glad to have come here after 30 years in the business! Now I have information of what I should do with this machine for further development, says Steve Brown, managing director at Armtrac.

He is impressed by the dedicated performance the team from SWEDEC is doing and explains the importance of the tests for his company.

- This will be a powerful tool in marketing for us. Now we got the SWEDEC quality stamp!

SWEDEC has tested machines during a rather long time. Therefore the personnel at Eksjö garrison have obtained great knowledge of the international progress in this field and can constructively give support to the industries which develop this type of products. With its support, SWEDEC gives an active contribution to the humanitarian demining.  

According to SWEDEC, the communication with the product developers also gives a lot of feedback to the organization and is above all a cost effective way to stay informed on the latest technology improvements.

- There are two winners! Both the company testing their machine with standardized methods being carried out by experienced staff and for us at SWEDEC, getting more input and knowledge on how to develop in the future says Johan Lönnefelt, desk officer at SWEDEC and head of the test.