Finnish-Swedish collaboration in focus

“Thank you for a great visit, I’m looking forward to the next time", said deputy regimental commander Stefan Sandborg after an interesting and successful visit to the Armoured brigade in Hämmenlinna (Tavastehus), Finland.

The visit is a part of the collaboration between Finland and Sweden. A collaboration where there is a clear political will to develop.

The Armoured brigade in Hämmenlinna is the Skaraborg Regiment's 'twin unit' within the Finnish - Swedish collaboration. The purpose of the visit was to identify areas and opportunities for continued and extended collaboration. Colonel Sandborg, together with the regimental administrator and personnel from the military unit and the brigade staff visited the Armoured brigade last week.

"We have visited exercises and discussed how we can develop and implement our collaboration. There are several concrete proposals for areas of collaboration and activities and probably the next step will be for the Armoured brigade to visit us during the exercise Swedish Army Staff Work and Communications 16 (ASSÖ 16)," says Stefan Sandborg.
Wide-ranging military collaboration between Sweden and Finland has a high priority. The Swedish Armed Forces' leadership is clear that it is important to implement and establish the collaboration according to the Government's mandate to the authority.

"The Skaraborg regiment and the Armoured brigade are relatively equal as units. We have similar duties, organisation and materiel. In other words, we have good prerequisites to exchange experiences and together contribute towards each other's development," concludes Sandborg.