Submarine from 1916 found in Swedish waters

The Swedish Armed Forces has now analysed the video material depicting a sunken submarine. It is highly likely that this is the Russian submarine Som, which sank after a collision with a Swedish vessel in 1916, during the First World War and prior to the Russian Revolution.

On Monday, the Swedish Armed Forces received information from a private diving company that a submarine had been found, with the help of an underwater vehicle, off the Uppland coast in Swedish waters.

Conflicting information on the submarine’s age and condition has appeared in the media. But after having studied the video recordings from the dive, the Armed Forces stated in its analysis completed on Tuesday that there is now nothing that goes against this being the Som. On the contrary, there is information that confirms this, such as the submarine’s construction and that its name is visible on the diving company’s video material. To make completely sure of its identity, however, a technical analysis needs to be performed – but there is no need for that from the Armed Forces’ side. This is because the shipwreck is to be regarded more as a matter of war history or marine archeology, in which the location could be a war cemetery.

The Swedish Armed Forces have informed the Swedish Government Offices of its conclusions.