Valuable Lessons Learned from Nordic Battlegroup

 - "The Lessons Learned conference held by the Nordic Battlegroup has been extremely valuable", says Lieutenant Colonel James Philips, Battlegroup Point of Contact for United Kingdom, during a short pause at the conference held by the Nordic Battlegroup Force Headquaters.

Deputy Force Commander Colonel Howard Berneyin conversation with James Philips.  Photo: Rickard Wissman

James Philips is one out of many participants representing future European Union Battlegroups in the conference that is providing a comprehensive overview of what the seven contribution nations have learned as a part of the Nordic Battlegroup.

Nordic Battlegroup’s mission – to be ready as a strong contributor to the EU crisis management capability – will be completed on the 30th of June 2015. The members of the Battlegroup are now in a position to update partner nations on progress and, importantly, offer collective Lessons Learned to those nations participating in the future European Union Battlegroups.

 - "We have learnt a lot and of course has the participation in the Nordic Battlegroup made the cooperation stronger between nations on all levels – from the soldier on the ground to leaders in our capitals. Hopefully can also some of our Lessons Learned help future members of EU Battlegroups", says Colonel Thomas Karlsson Chief of Staff NBG 15 Force Headquarters.

Sweden has three times been leading the Nordic Battlegroup, a challenging but very productive commitment. With an ambitious engagement and contributing nations that have really met the high expectations placed on them - the Nordic Battlegroup has set a high standard for other European Union Battlegroups. And now the Nordic Battlegroup is hoping that the presented Lessons Learned can assist future nations their preparations.

 - "It’s very clear that it was a measured and effective preparation phase for the Nordic Battlegroup and some of the lessens they have built on from previous Battlegroups are once that we were aware from their earlier battlegroups and from dialogs with them over there standby period but it’s very useful to see the collective in one place", says James Philips.