Full stop with the cable

Arctic Challenge Exercise involves several types of fighter aircraft. One of those is the F-16 Fighting Falcon, fighters that need specific preparations to be able to participate in the exercise.

150528 ACE 15. Tyler Myers kontrollerar MAAS-systemet.
150528 ACE 15. Tyler Myers kontrollerar MAAS-systemet.
Photo: Helene Nyberg/Swedish Armed Forces

The people that make it happen arrived to Norrbotten Wing two weeks before the exercise started. Their mission is to install the MAAS-system (Mobile Aircraft Arresting System) before the fighters arrives.

"We have been working nights around the flight schedule and installing the MAAS-system and getting them ready", says Airman 1st class Tyler Myers, working with electrical power production.

The system has been installed at each end of the runway.

"If something goes wrong with the aircraft, like if the brakes fail, the fighters have a tailhook that drops down and grabs the cable and the equipment stops the plane and saves the pilot and the aircraft".
Now when the exercise is ongoing the team makes sure that the MAAS-system is in working condition.

"We start the day by going out and do daily checks like fuel, oil and brake pressure. The tower tells us which cable they want us to put up. We stretch that cable across the runway and get it ready. After that´s done we do whatever they need us to do".