A strong signal of solidarity

 - “Members of Nordic Battlegroup – thank you for your contribution. But remember – we are not finished before the end of June”, says Force Commander Colonel Torbjörn Larsson as he address the Irish NBG ISTAR Task Force.

NBG Force Commander Torbjörn Larsson. Photo: Irish Defence Forces

Nordic Battlegroup’s mission – to be ready as a strong contributor to the EU crisis management capability – will be completed on the 30th of June 2015. The ceremony that mark the contribution of NBG members from the ISTAR Task Force were held at Collins Barracks, Cork.

Nordic Battlegroup has set a high standard for other European Union Battlegroup and one reason for the high level is the strong Irish contribution.

- “A military unit cannot function without proper intelligence but also the right mindset. You have been easy to work with, you always want to do a good job – and you have delivered top class”, says Torbjörn Larsson.

An important asset in the Battlegroup

The ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, Reconnaissance) Task Force element of the Battlegroup is an important asset in the Battlegroup. It entails the use of intelligence gathering sensor elements, including reconnaissance and sniper detachments, feeding information into higher echelon intelligence processing and analysis cells.

The 166 personnel of the Irish ISTAR Task Force were based in Collins Barracks, Cork, with a further 14 Irish personnel based in the Nordic Battlegroup Force Headquarters in Sweden.