Sweden and Finland combine forces in a joint naval training initiative

Preparing for the Swedish-Finnish Naval Task Group 2017

The coming weeks will see the arrival of FINSWEEX-15, where the Swedish and Finnish naval forces train together. The exercise began on Monday, and all Swedish naval units are participating.

An exercise is conducted together with the Finnish Navy every year, and the countries take turns hosting. This year it is Finland's turn. FINSWEEX-15 is the largest Finnish-Swedish naval training exercise, comprising 17 vessels and a good balance among participants from the Swedish and Finnish sides.

This year's naval training exercise has been designed keeping in mind the goal of a joint force, the Swedish-Finnish Naval Task Group (SFNTG). The plan is that the countries will have a functioning naval task force in 2017 purposed for joint initiatives.

This time around, the exercise will focus on taking over and maintaining full control of a sea area. FINSWEEX-15 will take place 18–28 May and begins in Finnish waters. During the second week, the units then move to areas off the coast of Södertörn.