From Italy to Sweden

The Nordic air power exercise ACE 2015 is ongoing. The exercise involves about 3,600 people from nine different countries. One of the nations that are based on Norrbotten Wing, is the United States.

ACE 2015. F-16 Fighting Falcon. US Air Force.
ACE 2015. F-16 Fighting Falcon. US Air Force.
Clinton Begnoche from US Air Force. Photo: Helen Nyberg/Swedish Armed Forces

The unit from the 31st Fighter Wing at Aviano Air Base arrived last week and had a couple of days in Luleå. For crew chief Clinton Begnoche it´s the first time in Sweden.

"It´s cold here but I like it because it´s not that busy. I´m not a big fan of the busy town."

The unit is participating with their F-16 Fighting Falcons and it´s Clinton Begnoche among others that are maintaining the fighters.

"Day to day basis we are inspecting the planes and ensure it´s ready for the mission, for the pilots to come out. It´s just as simply as that."

Clinton Bergnoche has been in the US Air Force for little over a year now and it´s he´s first exercise.

"I´m looking forward to just basically the action I think. I like the rush you get when the pilots come out and all the jets are firing up and making a lot of noise, and they are getting ready to go. That´s what I look forward to every day."