Change of command in South Korea

On 29 April a change of command was carried out in the Swedish contingent that belongs to NNSC, in South Korea. The transfer of command from Major General Berndt Grundevik to Major General Mats Engman was carried out after a handover period of just over one week.

Ceremoni i Seul med anledning av överlämning av chefskapet för NNSC.
Ceremoni i Seul med anledning av överlämning av chefskapet för NNSC.
Personnel from the escort’s colour guard during part of the colour guard march. Photo: Emma Engman

Further delegates from the NNSC (Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission) will return to Sweden during the summer.

The ceremony was held at the American base of Yongsan in central Seoul with host for the ceremony being Major General Mark Dillon, on behalf of General Curtis Scaparotti, Head of the UN Command and all American forces in South Korea (UNC/CFC/USFK). The ceremony was conducted with a parade troop of company size as well as a battery with four artillery pieces that fired a salute.

During the ceremony, Major General Berndt Grundevik, who took over on 27 September 2013, was awarded both an American and South Korean honour for his contribution and service in Korea. National anthems for Sweden, South Korea and the USA were played by the American 8th Army's band with full orchestra as well as Swedish marches representing the background of both generals. The families of both major generals received warm thanks and a warm welcome respectively to Korea.

Major General Mats Engman will serve as Swedish commander for NNSC up to the summer of 2017.