Simple and effective

At 09.00 on Friday March 27 the patrol competition started. The race ended with two more gold medals for France who won both the women's and men's class. Patrol competition was the final stage of the World military skiing championship 2015 and now it is time to summarize the championship.

Luiz Serrano is the highest representative of CISM, the organization that gave Sweden the task of arranging the championship. He has been in place in Boden all week and is very pleased with the way the Swedes organized the championship.
"This is the best championship I have seen. I am a CISM delegate since 2007 and have never seen such a well organized championship. Sweden has managed to make it in a simple, but effective way, with focus on the athletes, just as it should be".

It is the first time the Brazilian Serrano is in northern Sweden and he has also been affected by the Norrbotten mentality.
"You are all very friendly and you make us feel welcome".

Serrano says many of the 134 member countries of the CISM hesitate to arrange a World Championship because they think it would be expensive and difficult.
"They should learn from Sweden. Add more focus on the athletes and not so much effort on side arrangements".

Colonel Mikael Frisell is in his role as chief of Boden garrison also president of the organizing committée.
"I am more than satisfied . Everything has worked out great. Athletes of a high level and good conditions, resulting in fair competitions".

Frisell says that the garrison experience with similar arrangements and the good cooperation within the municipality has a great significance.
"We have organized international competitions of high class before and has a good routine. It is particularly gratifying that we can do it together with the associations and the municipality, who both assisted us in an invaluable way".

"Together we have really shown the city from the very best side this week ", summarizes a satisfied president of the organizing committée.