Nordic Battlegroup is ready and on standby.

EU now has the possibility to deploy the battlegroup – if needed.

During the standby period we are maintaining our capabilities, keeping us updated on the situation in potential mission areas and listening to our respective officers in command, who have the most updated information, writes Torbjörn Larsson in this NBG newsletter.

Force Commander Torbjörn Larsson Photo: Rickard Wissman/Swedish Armed Forces

The many exercises, the experience among our more than 2,400 participants and the high ambitions from the seven involved countries make the Nordic Battlegroup a strong contribution to the EU's crisis management capability.

Preparations made – NBG is ready

As individuals we have prepared our self and our families that we may have to leave on short notice. As units your commanding officers reports that you are ready for deployment. As a battlegroup we know, since last year's exercises, that we will be able to solve the tasks we could be assigned.
During the standby period we are all maintaining our numerous capabilities through continuous training and exercises. So far I have myself spent time at the shooting range, conducted additional CBRN training and together with the (F)HQ been updated on EU's on-going operations.

Counter rumours – ask for info

During a standby period it’s normal that we hear rumours on upcoming deployments. High expectations, speculations and misinterpretation of information are often reasons for rumours. To counter misinformation or rumours it’s important that we all stick to information that we know is correct, that officers in command keep units updated and most important; ask your officer in command if you have questions.

During the standby – be on time, keep up your skills and keep the right mindset.

Torbjörn LARSSON
Force Commander NBG