More gold medals for France and Sweden

Thursday's races in the World military skiing championship offered another Swedish gold when Niklas Henriksson and Emma Bergstrom managed to win the ski orienteering mix team sprint. The swedes also won the bronze medal, by Linus Rapp and Bente Rost. In the slalom competition the French was victorious, gold for both Steve Missillier and Laurie Moguet.

Militära skid-vm 2015
Militära skid-vm 2015
Martin Jaks from the Czech Republic won the gold medal in skiing 15 km. Photo: Mats Carlsson/Swedish Armed Forces
Militära skid-vm 2015
Coraline Hugue -Thomas from France won the women's ski 10 kilometers Photo: Mats Carlsson/Swedish Armed Forces
Militära skid-vm 2015
Niklas Henriksson in action. Photo: Mats Carlsson/Swedish Armed Forces

In the ski orienteering mix team sprint, the Swede Niklas Henriksson crossed the finish line first, just before Eduard Khrennikov from Russia and Erik Blomgren, from Swedish team 2.

Later, it turned out that these two teams were disqualified, so Niklas and Emma's victory was really quite superior, 1 minute and 37 seconds before silver medalists Stepan Malinovskii and Natalia Naumova, in Russian team 4.

"Me and Emma are strong skiers and we knew that if we were close to the lead at the end we could make it all the way", said Niklas Henriksson.

On Thursday afternoon, the individual races in cross country skiing were decided, 10 km for women and 15 km for men. Among the ladies French Coraline Hugue-Thomas won before Denise Herrmann and Stephanie Böhler from Germany. In the men's class Martin Jaks from the Czech Republic won the gold medal before Petr Sedov from Russia and Veselin Tsinzov, Bulgaria.

Two more gold medals for France

On the alpine arena in Storklinten the slalom race was decided and France dominated with gold in both classes. Among the ladies Laurie Mougel won before Christina Geiger from Germany. In third place, Tessa Worley, France.

Champion Laurie Mougel was very satisfied with the races in Boden.
"I like the snow up here in northern Sweden, and the slope was perfect for slalom. I've only been employed by the French defense for a year and this is my first World Cup. We have a fantastic support from our employers so it feels good to repay with a medal", said a happy winner.

Steve Missillier from France won the gold medal in the men's class, before Max Luukko and Eemeli Pirinen from Finland.

Steve Missillier was satisfied with the competition.
"Of course, it is always nice to win", he said with a big smile. And like his team mate Laurie he appreciated the conditions. "I also like the Scandinavian snow very much, it is different from the snow in southern Europe."