Join the MTPC in February 2015

NORDEFCO NATO/Partnership Multinational Tactical Planning Course (MTPC)

Want to participate in a creative international environment honing your planning skills? Then maybe SWEDINT is the right place for you to be in February 2015. Here you can experience staff work with other international students. They come from all branches, all services and all ranks that you can meet anywhere in a NATO or UN mission.

Student brief MTPC
Student brief MTPC
Major Kai Rämö Photo: Thorsten Hagelberg/SWEDINT

Regardless of your previous experience, this is a chance to learn or re-learn skills that will be beneficial for you in a future mission or in national and international staff work.
You will also be part of a team building experience with your course colleagues, creating lifelong friendships and intercultural skills.

Who am I to make such a statement? I’m currently working at SWEDINT, but my previous experience is from three NATO missions, two EU missions and national staff work should have made me experienced enough, or at least I thought so.

Even with that experience, I found as a student at the MTPC 2014-2, that it was really good for refreshing my OPP skills. The best part was the positive study environment, the dedication of the teachers and the people that I’ve met.