The intelligence operation in the archipelago has ended

The naval intelligence operation that has been carried out in the Stockholm archipelago during the past seven days has now ended. The main parts of the naval units have returned to their naval home ports and are now at a normal state of readiness. Smaller ground units remain in the area of operations.

Ställföreträdande insatschef Anders Grenstad på presskonferens i högkvarteret efter att underrättelseoperationen avslutats.
Ställföreträdande insatschef Anders Grenstad på presskonferens i högkvarteret efter att underrättelseoperationen avslutats.
Rear Admiral Anders Grenstad during was meeting the press on Friday morning. Photo: Jesper Tengroth/Swedish Armed Forces

"Our assessment is that there has been probable foreign underwater activity in the innermost archipelago of Stockholm", says Deputy Chief of Joint Operations Anders Grenstad.

Anders Grenstad states that the operation has not been able to determine what form and of what nationality the foreign activities have been.
"We assess that the unit, or units, that we have tracked through our own and the public's observations has now left the area. We have ruled out a conventional submarine, but other options are now being analyzed based on the extensive data collected. Subsequently, the Supreme Commander will decide on further actions."

A naval intelligence operation includes gathering, documentation and registration of sensor data on objects, activities and geographic conditions in a defined area at sea. Additionally, tips and observations from the public are assessed. These are the tasks that the Commander Maritime Operations and his disposable units have solved.
"The analysis that now follows structures the information in themes, time and geography. We also assess its reliability and significance. The analysis includes both data from our own units and the public. Further, in our efforts to determine what has happened in the last week all information is to be put into context", says Anders Grenstad.

The Deputy Director of Joint Operations emphasize that he is pleased with the swift response of the Swedish Armed Forces.
"I am also pleased with the ability and perseverance of the soldiers and sailors taking part in the operation. This intelligence operation also shows our readiness to respond to sudden developments."

Anders Grenstad is thankful for the attentive observations contributed to the operation by the public.
"We have received over 250 different tips by phone and email. The media has also contributed in a positive matter. When it comes to accounting for the results of our analysis process we will assess what can be communicated considering operational secrecy."

In view of the developments in the surrounding world the Swedish Armed Forces will continue its presence in the Baltic Sea, and with its extended exercise activity.
"As the Supreme Commander declared on Wednesday - the fact that a foreign power conducts underwater activities in Swedish waters is unacceptable. The Swedish Armed Forces will take necessary measures to maintain Swedish sovereignty and territorial integrity. Apart from the observations made, this is the most important signal sent from this operation", says Anders Grenstad.