Common understanding and right mindset during Key Leader Seminar

“I have been working for more than 24 years in Africa and my experience is that every country has a unique culture”, says Lieutenant Colonel Berby and continues “therefore it’s important to prepare your battlegroup in areas such as Culture Awareness –preparation that the Nordic Battlegroup could be supported with”. 

NBG Key Leader Seminar
Dept FCdr Howard Berney, OpCdr Bengt Andersson, EU OHQ COS
Deputy Force Commander, Operational Commander, EU OHQ Chief of Staff and NBG Force Commander during the Key Leader Seminar Photo: Rickard Wissman/Swedish Armed Forcecs

Nordic Battlegroup (NBG) is now in the final preparations to meet the requirements to be a part of the EU's crisis management capability. From the 1 January 2015 more than 2,400 participants from seven countries will be ready to start solving tasks in a crisis area 10 days after a decision to do so is taken by the EU.

To enhance the common understanding of strategic and operational plans, guidelines and opinions, key personnel from NBG Force Headquarters (FHQ) are meeting personnel from the European Union Military Staff (EUMS) and the designated Operational Headquarters (OHQ) for NBG. 

“It’s important that we discuss different topics now and share a common understanding” says NBG Force Commander Colonel Torbjörn Larsson and continues “It’s important that The Nordic Battlegroup is on time, has the right skills and meets any requirements – and after this discussions I also feel that we all share the right mindset.”

Strategic Planning, briefs on Possible Crises Areas, EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection were some of the topics covered by the personal from the different headquarters. The designated Operational Commander for NBG, Major General Bengt Andersson, also participated in the various discussions. The Operational Commander will be in command of the OHQ during any future deployment for NBG – a mission he feels confident about:

“The Nordic Battlegroup is very well constructed and it’s personnel are experienced, exercised and are sharing a common understanding of human right – I am really looking forward to act as the Operational Commander, with the French OHQ, during a future deployment for Nordic Battlegroup, says Bengt Andersson.

Lieutenant Colonel Berby is working at a French military academy specialised in Culture Awareness –an important topic during a military mission. If NBG is deployed and the designated OHQ is activated then French run courses on topics such as Culture Awareness could be available for the more than 2,400 participants in Nordic Battlegroup.