Nordic Battlegroup in 120 seconds

A mission for the EU's crisis management - see how NBG functions and operates in 120 seconds

To maintain peace and strengthen international security, the EU has civilian and military crisis management resources. A humanitarian or peacekeeping mission is one example of civilian and military capabilities working together towards a common goal.

As of 1 January 2015, the Nordic Battlegroup, with its approximately 2,400 participants, will be able to quickly deploy on a mission for the EU's crisis management. 

Within ten days of a EU decision, the Nordic Battlegroup will initiate operations in a crisis area. The many units from Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway are transported to the mission area where the Force Commander, Colonel Torbjörn Larsson, assumes command.

The Force Headquarters ((F)HQ) is located on the main operating base (MOB) at an airport or a port and near the civilian crisis management resources. The location is a hub for onward movment to the crisis area for both civilian and military supplies. The (F)HQ and the Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW) flight unit are located here.

A forward operation base (FOB) is established for units conducting missions deep in the crisis area. At the base there are large parts of the Logistic Battalion (Log Bn), one of two medical companies and the medical helicopters.

Together with civilian organisations and crisis management capabilities, the Core Battalion (Core Bn) and other components of the NBG can then conduct operations deep in the crisis area.