Seven countries - one Military Police

Next year, Sweden will be responsible for the Nordic Battlegroup (NBG), the EU's rapid deployment force. Preparations are in full swing and at the Life Guards Regiment, Swedish and Estonian Military Police are training together.
"Training provides an exceptional opportunity for us to learn from each other," says Lieutenant Daniel Hellström, Commanding Officer of the NBG's Military Police platoon.

During vehicle training the Military Police practice driving up a steep hill with the armoured Jeep. Photo: Björn Westerdahl/The Swedish Armed Forces
Briefing after training. Photo: Björn Westerdahl/The Swedish Armed Forces
Lieutenant Daniel Hellström is pleased with the collaboration. Photo: Björn Westerdahl/The Swedish Armed Forces

The Nordic Battlegroup (NBG) will be on standby during half of 2015 and within ten days be able to be operational within a 6,000 kilometre radius of Brussels. The Military Police platoon that is now training at the Life Guard Regiment will be able to carry out escorts, personal security and criminal investigations.

"All seven countries that are part of the NBG are represented in the Military Police platoon. We are unique in that regard, that we have personnel from all the countries, right down to squad level," says Daniel Hellström.

The Military Police are now being trained in vehicles and Swedish weapon systems and after the summer, other countries will also be training at the Life Guard Regiment.

"It is important that the Military Police is able to collaborate effectively when several countries are working within the same area, which we can, thanks to the fact that we are training together. The training and collaboration with the Estonians has gone well and I am very pleased," says Daniel Hellström.

"The Swedes have been very hospitable and everything has worked well so far," says Sergeant Marko Kaljuvee.