Welcome to SWEDINT 2014!

2014 will be an interesting and challenging year for all of us in PSO education and training. Old and well established missions are downsizing and to some extent being replaced by new missions. To meet the challenge of training for a comprehensive approach and the changing PSO-environment it is important to share our experiences and coordinate our efforts in order to prepare future peacekeepers in the best possible way before deploying to new mission areas.

In order to establish sustainable peace and build a secure and democratic state, modern conflict require a comprehensive approach to ensure that the entire population is involved, considered and addressed. SWEDINT therefor conducts integrated courses with a gender perspective with military, civilian and police participation.

SWEDINT constantly updates and improves the courses by conducting fact-finding trips to mission areas, employ subject matter experts and implement new best practices.

SWEDINT strives to meet the highest standards of quality.

I welcome you all to read more about our courses on this webbsite.

Colonel Lena Persson Herlitz
Commandant SWEDINT