NATO Quality Assurance team visits SWEDINT

Quality Assurance team from NATO Allied Command Transformation visits SWEDINT including the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations – NCGM.

The team visited SWEDINT Wednesday and Thursday this week to follow up on SWEDINTS application for NATOS Full Systems Accreditation for Training Institutions. The teams job is to check that SWEDINT has an effective Quality Assurance System, that our NATO-courses meet the highest standards both in documentation and execution and that our Student Support creates a good learning environment. In all The team expressed its satisfaction with SWEDINTS documentation, systems, training and competence. Their preliminary assessment is that SWEDINT will receive unconditional accreditation.

For us at SWEDINT this is the result of years of hard work and a fantastic recognition of our efforts to reach the highest standards of quality in the field of training and education for multinational Peace Support Operations and Gender in Military Operations.