Professional staff officers attending MSOC Bn 1/2013

21 students from seven different nations have been studying at the NATO/Partnership Multinational Staff Officer Course at SWEDINT since 27th May and they will continue until 14th June. The course is the first one for the year 2013 and is conducted under the umbrella of NORDEFCO.


This time students are coming from Finland, Georgia, Jordan, Norway, Pakistan, Sweden, and Ukraine with ranks varying from lieutenant to lieutenant colonel.
The aim of the course is to give the students a working knowledge of the NATO/Partnership staff working procedures in order to function as a staff officer at a battalion level HQ in a Peace Support Operation. The main effort during the course is to understand current NATO policy and doctrine for PSO, practice NATO operational planning process (OPP) including development of orders and plans. Co-operation between a military staff and different actors and parties involved in a conflict will be also exercised.

First two weeks of the course is conducted by lectures, syndicate works, case studies and map exercises. The final Command Post Exercise where the students are manning the different branches in a Nordic Battalion Headquarters will be conducted during the last week of the course.