Seats available at MSOC Bde

Seats still available on Multinational Staff Officer Course Brigade (MSOC Bde) at SWEDINT.


MSOC Bde which replaces PfP SOC and has been restructured and updated during the year 2013 to meet the requirements of today´s and future operations. The first MSOC BDE will be conducted at the 26 August – 13 September 2013 and there are still some slots available.

The aim of the course is to prepare students from NATO and other partner countries to serve as a planner within a tactical level  headquarter in a NATO led Peace Support Operation (PSO) while applying the Operational Planning Process (OPP) based on the Comprehensive Operations Planning Directive (COPD) and the principles of a Comprehensive Approach.

The primary target audience is identified as military staff officers (OF 2-5) who will have or is appointed to positions in HQs on the tactical level. Civilian officer equivalents are also eligible for nomination.

MSOC Bde Course description

Applications should be sent to SWEDINT NLT 14 June, 2013.
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