NCGM established as NATO Department Head

The 22nd of February, was a historic day for the cooperation between NORDEFCO (Nordic Defence Cooperation) and NATO ACT/SHAPE (North Atlantic Treaty Organization both strategic Headquarters). Sweden, as the Host nation, has for the first time established a NATO Department Head under both NORDEFCO and NATO umbrella.

Lieutenant General Jan Salestrand shake hands with Jan Dunmurray, Chief of Nordic Center for Gender in Military Operations. Photo: Nordefco

The Swedish Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Jan Salestrand, signed the Memorandum of Understanding which declares the agreement of appointing the Nordic Center for Gender in Military Operations (NCGM) as NATO Department Head concerning gender. NCGM will recommend to the member nations, and organizations' such as UN, a program how to integrate a gender perspective in education, training and exercises in order to increase the operational effectiveness in all UN and NATO led Operations and Missions.

The cooperation within the framework of PFP (Partnership for Peace) is a result of hard work to achieve similar approach in gender perspective which also contributes to effective use of resources.
– This is a good example of how we together can work to meet the challenges of the future and both use our resources wisely and still maintain high quality in the work we do, says Jan Dunmurray, Chief of Nordic Center for Gender in Military Operations.
– Today's achievement is one that states the importance of UNSCR 1325 and Gender Perspective. Many objectives have been incorporated in one ambition and it is a satisfactory task to sign this Memorandum of Understanding today, says Jan Salestrand Swedish Chief of Defence Staff.