Danger blown out

Around 08:00 Wednesday morning a suspected leak of dangerous Hydrazine from a Danish F-16 Fighting Falcon was discovered. The aircraft, participating in the Nordic Air Meet 2012 exercises occurred in a hanger on the Vidsel base.

At that time, Danish aircraft technicians were replacing a tank that had been removed the previous evening. The tank had been removed to conduct routine technical maintenance of the engine. One of the technicians noticed liquid present in the hose connection and an unknown smell. A dangerous leak of Hydrazine resulted in technicians along with two other colleagues evacuating the hanger. The aircraft was transferred to a designated place intended for suspected and/or confirmed Hydrazine leakages. Other Danish personnel remained in the hanger that was kept open to secure ventilation.

In conjunction with the suspected leak being discovered, a chain of procedures was initiated. Medical personnel were called, the risk zone identified and public roads affected by the wind direction were cordoned off - a ample area from a safety point of view. The municipality emergency services were also alerted.

Alongside medical personnel, three people were taken by vehicle to Sunderby Hospital for routine follow up examinations conducted when there is the suspicion of exposure to Hydrazine.

"We are relieved and believe that everything has gone well. The personnel reacted in accordance with existing routine", says leader of the exercise, Carl-Johan Edström.

There are no signs that indicate a leak, but everything has been handled in accordance with existing routine.

The municipality emergency services together with a chemical team have conducted measurements with metering devices and have ascertained that there is no danger present in the hanger. The event has been classified as an incident.

At around 14:00 there were no longer any restrictions in force on the Vidsel base and the exercises continued according to plan. The exception being the Danish forces, who are wrapping up at the Nordic Air Meet for this year and are planning their homeward journey.