Video Teleconference (VTC)

Video Teleconference (VTC)An effective way to meet, interact and educate

NCGM supporting NL personnel mission training for Kunduz, Afghanistan. Photo: SWEDINT
Linda Johansson, NCGM instructor.
Linda Johansson, NCGM instructor. Photo: SWEDINT
Linda Johansson, NCGM instructor. Photo: SWEDINT

In March 2012 the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations (NCGM) used the Video Teleconference (VTC) with their partnering nation Netherlands (NL), to great success. This VTC session enabled NCGM to provide an educational lecture for NL personnel from the security sector (police force, armed forces, lawyers) as part of their preparation for their ISAF mission in Kunduz, Afghanistan. This is an excellent example of how NCGM can assist international actors and defense organizations in the pre-deployment gender training. The VTC phenomena has only grown larger over the past year as better technology is provided. SWEDINT and NCGM can provide meetings online from shorter sessions up to longer seminars. This communication alternative enables actors to meet face to face sharing valuable experience and discussing lessons learned as well as educating through video clips and power point presentations, all part of sharing good and bad examples in order to reach the best possible operational effect.