SWEDINT visit to PKOC, Belgrade - Serbia

CO SWEDINT visit to the Peace Keeping Operation Center, PKOC, Belgrade - Serbia on Tuesday, 20 September.

CO PKOC Colonel Jelesije Radivojevic and CO SWEDINT Colonel Thomas Karlsson Photo: SWEDINT

SWEDINT has since 2006 supported the Peace Keeping Operation Center (PKOC) in Belgrade, Serbia. Most of the support has been focused on the three weeks Balkan Staff Officer’s Course (BALSOC), which initially was conducted by SWEDINT, with support from the other Nordic countries. Last two years, SWEDINT has only supported the course with two mentors for the Course director and instructors from PKOC.

Future support to PKOC was the topic during the meeting, which took place in Belgrade on Tuesday this week. The meeting symbolised the change of responsibility of BALSOC to the Peace Keeping Operations Center.

The support will continue, but not to the same degree as previously. Among details discussed and agreed was that PKOC will be able to send students and “train the trainer” officers to SWEDINT also in the future.