Military English course at SWEDINT

On Monday August 22, sixteen students from six different nations came to SWEDINT to participate in the Military English course. The three instructors are from Sweden, Ireland and UK.

The Brittish instructor Luke Duckworth in discussion with the students Photo: Swedint
Military English II coursephoto
Military English II coursephoto Photo: Swedint
Military English II coursephoto Photo: Swedint

The ME is conducted twice a year. This time students came from Armenia, Denmark, Moldova, Poland, Sweden and Ukraine. They represented both civilian as well as military personnel. Even though the students work for the Armed Forces in various positions and have different backgrounds, they all have a common goal – to learn English in a military context.  The purpose of the course is to prepare individuals, nationally trained staff officers and civilians from UN/NATO/PfP/EU/AU countries for assignments in a headquarters on a Peace Support Operation or as participants in multinational Command Post Exercises (CPXs).

The ME course focuses on strategic directives and other key planning documents, the organisation of headquarters and the tasks of different branches. It also provides an insight and understanding of the definitions used for the principles of Peace Support Operations as well as NATO Operational Planning Process. All in all it aims to broaden the participants’ range of military related vocabulary through various activities, discussions, seminars and presentations.
One of the instructors, Mr Luke Duckworth comes from the Defence School of Languages in Beaconsfield, England. Their long experience of teaching English to foreign students at various levels is a benefit both for the students as well as for SWEDINT. Two other instructors, Capt Hanna Jungwallius (SWE AF) and Ms Annette Nolan (FHS) are also most experienced in teaching English to personnel in the Swedish Armed Forces.

The Course is an intensive one-week course designed to introduce students to this specialist military language and it also an excellent opportunity to get a taste of the world of multinational planning.

Course Director