SWEDINT courses NATO accredited

The Swedish Armed Forces International Centre (SWEDINT) was established in 1993 and is recognized as a NATO accredited PfP Training and Education Centre (PTC) since 1999. The main focus of SWEDINT is to provide education and training to staff officers and civilian equivalent appointed or expected to serve within a multinational HQ, either under UN or NATO command.As a PTC it is of most importance to meet NATO operational requirements while conducting courses, and since 2009 SWEDINT has a well established cooperation with NATO School in Oberammergau, Germany within a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). In this cooperation the new Comprehensive Operations Planning Course (COPC) was developed, to meet NATO operational requirements.


With NATO growing by the number of Nations and with a closer and more open cooperation with its partners it is of most importance to establish common standards reference individual education and training prior deployment in a mission. In line with this NATO has defined three categorization levels of courses:

  • NATO Approved – NATO accredited and under full control of Allied Command Transformation Joint Force Trainer (ACT JFT).
  • NATO Selected – NATO accredited but remains under national/developers control.
  • Listed – not NATO accredited but can be of interest for NATO or partners.

SWEDINT has now two courses accredited as NATO Selected: the Comprehensive Operations Planning Course (COPC, 15 November 2010) and the Gender Field Advisor Course (GFA, June 2011). This will ensure that the courses will meet both NATO operational requirements and the quality standards. The work is ongoing to have additional SWEDINT courses accredited.
Furthermore, within the area of education and training, SWEDINT has an established cooperation with ACT by hosting the NATO Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course (LL SOC) which is NATO Selected.

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