Staff officers conducting the final Command Post Exercise

NATO/PfP Junior Staff Officer Course at SWEDINT is conducting the final Command Post Exercise where the students are manning the different branches in a Nordic Battalion Headquarters


The course will end with a three day computer assisted Command Post Exercise (CPX), in which the students will form a reduced Multinational Battalion Staff. During the CPX the students are practicing their gained knowledge in a fictitious Peace Support Operation. The CPX will include role played sub-units, UN-Police, Local Civilian Organizations, Non Governmental Organizations and elements of International Organization in order to create a realistic exercise environment. Through operational planning the course is able to create necessary course of actions which are crucial for the successful operations maintaining peace and stability in fictitious area of Betaland.

Once again the course has given useful tools for possible upcoming duties in a Peace Support Operations.  One of the most important rules for international duty is to use one common language. The course will also be an intensive language course as an extra bonus.