Naval Pentathlon in Berga – day one

The first day of the international competition in Naval Pentathlon is now ended. The day consisted of Obstacle race on gravel and Lifesaving race in the water.

Day one started with the obstacle race. Photo: Martin Bylund/Försvarsmakten

Obstacle race was the first part of the competition, included grenade-throwing, the “Irish table”, and much more. Many heats offered exciting duels that were even up to the last obstacle. The female winner was Caroline Buunk from Norway. And the male winner was the recent world champion Matthias Wessemann from Germany.

The Nordic military championship in Naval Pentathlon also has representatives from Germany and Brazil. One of them is sub official, Carlos Lourengo, who reached the second place of the Obstacle race.
This is my best part of the Naval Pentathlon, and I think my result today was okay, he said after his race. He also expressed his thought about which part of the course he finds most difficult.
The part when you are crawling through the tunnels is hard for me because I am pretty tall, he said and smiled. 

The next part of the Naval Pentathlon was the lifesaving race. All the people in the building were cheering at their friends and training partners and that made the environment very inspiring to the participant to perform good results. And Jesper Levander from Sweden answered the cheering with a very good performance. The world champion from Sweden got notified for a very good time and the speaker shouted: “It is a new Nordic record” when he had finished the race.

Finally, the female winner of the lifesaving race was Cecilia Sjöholm from Sweden, and as already mentioned, Jesper Levander was the male winner with a new Nordic record.