Naval Pentathlon – day two

The second day of the international competition in Naval Pentathlon started with seamanship race and was followed by utility swimming. A new world record was reached in the swimming pool by Carolina Nordvall from Sweden during the utility swimming.

Carolina Nordvall new world record holder on the race. Photo: Viktor Johansson/Försvarsmakten

Before the first competition were about to start, the speaker told the spectators about the current leaders of the championship after day one. The female leader was Caroline Buunk from Norway, and Jesper Levander from Sweden, was male the leader.

It is important to have good rowing-skills in the seamanship since most of the time during the race takes place in a rowboat. The participants have to follow a way between obstacles, and handle shackles sitting in the boat according to seamanship, before they reach the goal. 

The last heat during the ladies competition resulted in a Nordic record by Terhi Pyyhtiä-Sassi from Finland. Marcus Danielson from Sweden was the winner of the male competition

Between the seamanship heats the competition- staff rearranged the track.
This was to make sure that the conditions were even to all the competitors. There is a jury during the whole championship which has this and all the rules in mind. They also control the track before each heat so everybody is competing on the same conditions.

The contest of utility swimming took place during the afternoon. This competition is one of the fastest during Naval Pentathlon; the best participants finish the race within one minute.

It is possible to have three contesters when the heat takes place in the swimming pool. That make each race very exciting, and the participants can be side by side to the end with only a small time difference between the other when they reach the goal line.

Winner of the ladies was Carolina Nordvall from Sweden who also made a new world record, and got many applauds from the spectators.