VIKING11 has ended

VIKING11 has now ended, and all the participants from the civilian and military organizations are leaving the fictional country of Bogaland. All the knowledge acquired during the exercise will now serve as useful tools in civil-military peace operations around the globe.

Photo: Anton Thorstensson / Försvarsmakten

Several VIKING exercise sites have been located all over the world. Connected through the VIKING-portal, everyone have been living in the conflict area of Bogaland. Working together with a comprehensive approach, and with close civil-military cooperation, which was the overall objective of the exercise.

- This years VIKING has been very successful, we have achieved virtually all exercise objectives as planned. The exercise has also been very appreciated by the international participants, says Military Exercise Director, Brigadier General, Johan Svensson.

Deputy Director General of the Folke Bernadotte Academy, 
Jonas Alberoth, has been the Civil Exercise Director.
- We have confirmed that this kind of exercise, with high level key-personnel representing different organizations, can be an important source of knowledge when planning real life peace-operations. I am impressed by the general acceptance of the scenario. The training audience have really been acting as if they were on a real mission, says Jonas Alberoth.

VIKING has received many visits from high ranking international guests. They have all aknowledged the comprehensive work done by the Swedish host nation, which serves to confirm the fine work done by the entire exercise staff. 

This VIKING exercise is now over. The participants are departing, and the exercise directors are getting ready to evaluate the event. One thing is for sure, this years VIKING exercise has been a huge exchange of experiences for everyone involved.