The first assignment over Libya

“It is a historic day,” according to Anders Silwer, Air Force inspector after having participated in one of the first assignments in support of the UN resolution 1973.

JAS 39 Gripen with reconnaissance capsule. Photo: Sgt Johan Lundahl/Combat Camera

During the assignment, which began at 15.55 on Friday, from the Sigonella air base in Sicily, the air refuelling aircraft TP 84 T carried out air refuelling with the JAS 39 at an altitude of 10,000 feet. The two JAS 39 planes then flew in to enforce the no-fly zone in the area around Tripoli.

The actual air refuelling went well.

“It was completely undramatic,” says Anders Silwer, who was travelling in the air refuelling plane.

After the flight over Libya, the two JAS 39 planes refuelled in the air again and landed at the Sigonella airbase just before 18.30.

 “Normally we do not comment on our flights, but since this was a historic assignment, we can make an exception,” says Anders Silwer.

The first assignment in the NATO led Operation Unified Protector was conducted on Thursday evening. Then, the plane did not need air refuelling.