Raimond Ozolins from Latvia has high expectations

The Baltic Defence College is represented by Major, Raimond Ozonlis, from Latvia. This is his second visit to Sweden, but his first time here as a part of VIKING.

Photo: Anton Thorstensson / Försvarsmakten

This exercise will be very interesting for him, because he is going to work in a new environment. His role is to be a Liaison officer of the LCC, land component command.       
- My expectations are to learn more about this role as a Liaison officer.
I am going to coordinate the work between every section in our organisation. And as I said, it is my first time on this role, therefore I want to increase my skills according to the activities of liaison.

As many other participants, Raimond Ozolins finds this civil- military cooperation very important for succees in real missions.
- This scenario is very similar to the reality. The cooperation must work, each part must be included in each others work and planning. That is the way to work together against the main goal for a mission.

Raimond Ozolins does not see any problems about the large numbers of different organizations participating in VIKING11. He is used to work with people from different countries, because he has a lot of experience from military exercises.
- We always find the correct way to talk to each other, kind of a special exercise language which will make the exercise even more fun, says Raymond Ozolins.