Policing VIKING

The police have an important role to play in establishing the rule of law in a mission.

Photo: Anton Thorstensson / Försvarsmakten

- We are the police part of the UNAMIB headquarter. Our main task is to rebuild the whole police organization in the scenario of VIKING11. Another task is to regain the trust of the civilians to the police in the fictional country. We are divided into five different sites of this exercise, says Göran Millbart, Deputy Police Commissioner.
He mentions that their tasks can be divided into two objectives. The first is to advice and educate the local police. The other is to support the police with additional personnel, from the FPU, formed police unit, during the exercise.

Another police officer who is a part of the UNAMIB headquarter, is Arrigo Gareffi from Italy, who explains more about the FPU.
- FPU will take care of civilian actions, and sometimes, from a civilian perspective, the best solution is only a police effort. A military effort includes s a number of large vehicles and equipment, which ordinary people may regard  more as a threat. But of course, when the situation is very severe, we all have to work together to establish a safe environment, says Arrigo Gareffi.

Göran Millbart explains that the FBU has not arrived yet in the scenario, so for now they are working on long-term solutions for their objectives. But in an exercise like this, they always have to be ready for new situations in the scenario.

Both of them have previous experiences from similar tasks in real operations. Göran Millbart has been to Liberia, working as a police officer.  Having been part of both civil- and military operations, Arrigo Gareffi also has useful insight to share.
- In a difficult situation, we must understand that we can’t perform without each other, he says.

Göran Millbart also comments on the circumstances and relations between the different organizations in a scenario like VIKING11.
- There can be preconceptions about each others activities, but when we have done some kind of cooperation, we realize that working together is not as hard as we thought.