An African VIKING in Enköping

Colonel, Mohammad Jama, from Somalia represents the EASBRIG, Eastern African Region Brigade, during VIKING11. The headquarter of the organisation is situated in Nairobi, Kenya. This is the first time EASBRIG is participating in VIKING.

As soon as I come home I will spread the knowledge from VIKING further, says Colonel Mohammad Jama Photo: Anton Thorstensson / Försvarsmakten

- We are 5 people from the organisation here, three from the military part, one civil, and one who are representing the police.

Mohammad Jama says that this is the first time the organisation is involved in this kind of exercise.
- This kind of support is new in Africa, we are in a building process. VIKING11 will be a great chance for us to learn how a peace operation works. And the next step for our people is to use this experience in our own organisation.

The cooperation between Nordic countries and the EASBRIG is already established. And Mohammed Jama believes that the cooperation will be developed after this exercise.
- We have Nordic representatives in our organization, and during the future, we are planning to have a site in Africa during one of the future VIKING exercises.

This kind of civil-military cooperation is a big challenge for the countries he represents.
- We don´t have the same tradition as the cultures in this part of the world. Therefore we have to develop the understanding of this kind of support and coordination.

When Mohammed Jama comes back home from VIKING11, his mission is to spread the knowledge and experience further.
- I will share all of my experiences as quickly as possible. I am really looking forward to increase my knowledge about this kind of events, says the Colonel.