A Real Lift

In the morning April 12th for the first time Helicopter 14 under the Armed Forces’ direction lifted off; as a result another milestone in the history of the Helicopter Wing was concluded.

Helicopter 14 is now deployed and serving in the Swedish Armed Forces. Photo: Nina Karlsson/Helikopterflottiljen/Försvarsmakten

The Defence Materiel Administration has delivered the first four examples of Helicopter 14 to the Armed Forces, and after several years of intensive work by many different parties, the first helicopter took off on Tuesday morning from Malmen in Linköping. The first flight was conducted under the exercise programme that had been developed and included everything from engine start, hovering manoeuvres to flying at different speeds within Malmen’s exercise area.

Now that this first phase has finally been implemented, a major step forward has been taken for the development of medium-weight helicopter capabilities in the Armed Forces, a much demanded step.

“It’s a great feeling now that we finally got started with the flights,” says Magnus Westerlund, Helicopter Wing Commander.

Official ceremony

The official handover ceremony for Helicopter 14 will take place on 11 May at the Helicopter Wing in Linköping.