On track to readiness

The exercises to train the co-operation within the Nordic Battle Group (NBG) have started. Some 1300 Swedish, Finnish and Estonian soldiers and over 300 various vehicles arrived in Eksjö in southern Sweden during October 19:th. NBG will be in readiness from the first of January 2011.

Training of soldiers in conjunction with helicopters. Photo: Mats Carlsson/Försvarsmakten
Soldiers on the firing range in Eksjo.
Soldiers on the firing range in Eksjo. Photo: Jens Ramhöj/Försvarsmakten
Soldiers on the firing range in Eksjo. Photo: Jens Ramhöj/Försvarsmakten

NBG in total consists of approximately 2 100 employed soldiers and officers from five different countries and will constitute one of the two Battle Groups at the disposal of the European Union the first six months of 2011. The two Battle Groups will be in readiness to deploy somewhere in the world in a maximum distance of 6 000 kilometres from Brussels in no later than ten days from the given order. They have to be able to handle both peacekeeping and peace enforcement tasks.

For a coming five intensive weeks NBG will train in different places in southern Sweden. Eksjö, Skillingaryd and Skövde are training areas for units within Core Battalion, the combat unit in NBG. Ronneby is training area for the Expeditionary Air Wing units, Combat Service Support units cunduct their training all over the Area of Operation and act from a base area in Hagshult. Many of the Swedish regiments support the exercises with different skills.

The training that the units conduct includes live firing, combat training such as seize and secure and search and clear operations both out in the field as well as in buildings. The training also includes air support from helicopters and fighters. The engineer company for example, train bridge building and mine clearance. Initial Effort, the first of two exercises, ends next Wednesday.