Every second counts

During the exercise Initial Effort, IE 10, all soldiers are trained in interaction with helicopters. This means training to situations arising in transport helicopters. Responsible for practice operations are personnel from the Helicopter Wing in Linköping.

In a large field just outside Eksjö you can hear the sound of helicopters in action. Every day a new company is trained in interaction with helicopters.

In total there are six Helicopter 15 in place during IE 10. A helicopter of this type is very flexible and does not require a large area for start and landing land. A lawn area of a tennis court size is sufficient.

Before the first execution takes place the soldiers get detailed instructions including safety and demonstrations of different operations.

The purpose of the helicopter training is that soldiers of the Nordic Battlegroup, NBG, will get to practice the reception of the helicopter and make loading and unloading. This sequence may not take a long time. The goal is that the helicopter will be on the ground as little time as possible.
"A successful loading takes 30 seconds to a minute" explains the Head of Mission.

The soldiers are training in daylight during the relatively easy conditions and in difficult circumstances during the night. Then the helicopter flies in total darkness with infrared illumination to guide the landing. Without the so-called "Night Vision Goggles" it would be very difficult for the pilots and the crew to conduct missions at night.

Something that is new in the exercise IE 10 is that all soldiers in NBG, whatever task, must practise the interaction with helicopters. In the words of the Head of Mission in mind, it is understandable that all soldiers receive training on this. For when a helicopter lands on the ground, they have to be fast, every second counts.