Estonian Final Exercise

The biggest Estonian contribution to the Nordic Battlegroup is that of a guard platoon. The platoon is currently carrying out its final exercise before coming to Sweden to practise together with the Headquarters Company, HQ Coy, of which it is part.

Force Commander Stefan Andersson discusses the Estonian platoon’s equipment. Photo: Per Beckman/Swedish Armed Forces

The platoon has its regular place in the Scouts Battalion, which consists of professionally employed soldiers. The battalion is responsible for having a company in Afghanistan at all times.

“This means that the soldiers have a substantial amount of experience of international conflicts and the training in Estonia is geared to this,” explains the Estonian Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Vahur Karus.

The platoon in HQ Coy, which is being trained in Enköping, is therefore included in the Nordic Battlegroup. The company’s main task is to set up the NBG’s force headquarters in the field. After the soldiers’ final exercise in Estonia, all that remains is joint training with the Swedish units in order to be ready to be on standby at the turn of the year. Hence, all Estonian units will travel to Sweden in the middle of October for an intensive period of exercises over the course of six weeks.

The Head of the NBG, Force Commander, Brigadier General Stefan Andersson and the Head of HQ Coy, Major Per Beckman visited Estonia at the weekend and had the opportunity to follow the exercise.

“The exercises went very well and I have complete confidence in the Estonian soldiers,” stated Stefan Andersson when the visit came to an end and the NBG’s textile labels for the soldiers’ uniforms were handed over to the Platoon Leader, Second Lieutenant Rait Talisoo.