Tactical Exercise Without Troops first on the agenda

A hectic autumn awaits the Nordic Battlegroup. The six-month-long standby period starts on 1 January next year and prior to this there is much training and practising to be done. First on the agenda in the autumn’s exercise series:The Force Commanders’ Tactical Exercise Without Troops where participants from all the different sections of the NBG discuss the various procedures of the unit.

Johan Hedenborg was one of the participants at the Tactical Exercise Without Troops. Photo: Jesper Tengroth/Försvarsmakten

Since the Nordic Battlegroup can be deployed almost anywhere in the world at very short notice, the unit must draw up a number of plans and concepts in advance based on the various scenarios for which the EU has decided that a battle group shall be used (everything from separating two warring parties to providing support to humanitarian operations).

One important concept, for example, is in what way all personnel and materiel should be transported to an area of deployment and how the personnel should be taken care of when they get there. Thus, the theme during the Tactical Exercise Without Troops was apparent:
“It was damn useful,” says Johan Hedenborg, who comes from the NBG’s infantry battalion in Boden. “These discussions have helped to evoke thoughts, but not only that – they have also helped me to get to know a whole load of people from the different sections of the NBG.”

Thomas Hultmark from NBG’s headquarters (F)HQ was responsible for the exercise:
“The purpose of this exercise has been to implement and further develop those concepts that we‘ve drawn up. I believe that we’ve succeeded in this and I’m very pleased,” he says.