P 4 calls a test weekend for the NBG

“Ok, I look forward to seeing you on Friday week 15 then,” says Christer Flor and hangs up the phone after one of several calls he has received prior to the forthcoming test weekend. Christer is one of those at P 4 that help the companies with the planning prior to the weekend of 16-18 April.

The physical tests during the test weekend are the same sort of tests as the admission tests for officer training. Photo: Anne-Lie Sjögren/Försvarsmakten

That weekend, over 200 of those that applied to any one of the companies that P 4 will contribute to the Nordic Battlegroup (NBG) will come to the Skaraborg Regiment to be tested. The test is the final stage before it is decided who receives what position.

Striving to find the right person for the right position

“We’re no longer satisfied with the old method of employing personnel after only one telephone interview,” says Kent Winarve, Staff Administrator at P 4.
“Here, we have the opportunity to meet the applicants face-to-face and carry out the necessary tests before we make a decision concerning employment. The applicants also get a good opportunity to become acquainted with future co-workers and leaders as well as the work and living environment,” claims Kent.

The reason for carrying out a test weekend such as this is the desire to find the right person for the right position. If you employ the “wrong” person and this becomes apparent during future training, then you have an employee that, in principle, you do not need and, what is more, you must put in even more time and effort to find the right person for the position. Such a case of incorrect recruitment costs time, effort and, above all, money.

The various parts of the test weekend

“There’s a lot to cram in over the weekend, but we see it as important, both for us and for those that are applying. They get to know what requirements are placed on them as employees in the NBG,” continues Christer and explains a bit about what will happen during the weekend.
The men and women that have applied and been called to attend will get the chance to meet their platoon commanders. They will speak to them individually. It will be like a job interview. Psychologists will also be present to offer support to the platoon commanders.

Part of the weekend is reserved for physical tests and health examinations. The test will be a true measure of value as to what the applicants’ physical condition is and give the individual a hint about whether the training prior to enrolment needs to be changed. If there is any free time between the various test spells, the applicants have a great opportunity to look around Skövde in order to see what their potential new hometown has to offer.

“I'll provide a lot of information about the terms and conditions of employment. They’ll get to find out about what the salaries are for each position, what insurance coverage they have, working hours regulations, living conditions, etc.,” concludes Kent.