Estonian interest in NBG

A guard platoon, a so-called HUMINT team, personnel that work with transportation and logistics, staff officers and a military police unit constitute Estonia’s contribution to the Nordic Battlegroup. In order to increase his knowledge of the NBG, Estonia’s Ambassador, Alar Streimann, visited Enköping on Wednesday and with him he brought a cake.

Estonia’s Ambassador Alar Streimann talks about his country’s road to freedom. Photo: Jesper Tengroth/Försvarsmakten

The (F)HQ, Force Headquarters, which is the headquarters of the NBG, is not all that exists at the Armed Forces Command and Control Regiment in Enköping. The headquarters company, which has the task of supporting the (F)HQ, is also trained here and it is the headquarters company that will include the Estonian guard platoon. Alar Streimann was therefore given a run-through of the situation at the company:

“I’m impressed by how far preparations have come and by the excellent atmosphere,” stated the Ambassador after having met the Company Commander Per Beckman.

The guard platoon will first come to Sweden in April in order to participate in a major headquarters exercise together with both the headquarters company and the (F)HQ.
Alar Streimann explains that it is important for Estonia to be part of the Nordic Battlegroup:

“We’ve been a member of NATO for a number of years and the Nordic Battlegroup is a good opportunity for us to cooperate with the Nordic countries, something that has taken a back seat over the last few years.”

So, where does the cake come in? Right, exactly. In multinational headquarters, it is common practice to celebrate and observe each other’s National Days together. Next Wednesday, 24 February, Estonia is celebrating its Independence Day and therefore the Ambassador Alar Streimann and Major Andres Noole, the Estonian Staff Officer at (F)HQ, took the chance to offer cake and present talks on Estonia’s road to freedom. Estonia proclaimed independence for the very first time on 24 February 1918.