Media Interest in Exercise Loyal Arrow

More than 30 representatives from local and national Swedish media as well as international press arrived at Kallax Air Base with Norrbotten Wing on 10 June to spend a day at Exercise Loyal Arrow 2009. Welcomed by Brigadier General Gianni Baron, Italian Air Force, and Brigadier General Johan Svensson, Swedish Air Force.

The media representatives were first briefed by Lieutenant Colonel Andreas Faas, German Air Force, about details of the flying exercise that Sweden hosts.

Guided tour

Mrs. Carina Wrangberth and Lieutenant Colonel Faas from the Exercise Loyal Arrow 2009 Public Affairs team organized a tour of the air base with visits to individual squadrons. First the media representative had an opportunity to interview Major Matt Moneymaker, spokesperson of the US detachment from 100th Air Refueling Wing, who supports the exercise with a KC-135 refueling aircraft.


Just in time for the media, the two Polish W-3 helicopters took off causing many index fingers to touch off shutters on cameras. After a quick lunch, the tour went on to the German and Italian TORNADO detachments where again many pictures were taken and lots of interviews were conducted. OFw Ronnie Gambert, German Air Force, explained the TORNADO technology to the media. As a highlight, the Swedish Search and Rescue helicopter squadron took the media for a flight over the Kallax Air Base which gave them nice aerial pictures.

Finally especially the videographers and photographers had the chance to get some close-up pictures from the German and Italian TORNADO, the Electronic Counter-Measures aircraft DA-20 and the SwedishJAS-39 Gripen as they were taxiing and then taking off all within 30 minutes.

 The Exercise Loyal Arrow 2009 Media Day was wrapped up at 3 p.m. As the journalists and photographers left they had many photo opportunities all in sunny flying weather. The joint SWEDISH and NATO public affairs team portrayed the live fly exercise in the best way an air force team can do – by the sound of roaring aircraft from NATO and partnership of peace members taking off to train alongside.