Championship declared open

After a day of persistent raining, the skies opened and the opening ceremony of the 2009 European Military Fencing Championship could be held outdoors as planned.

The participants marched on to the grassfield with their flags in front of them while the Gothenburg National Homeguard Band were playing.

Chief of Competition Col. Lennart Klevensparr  held the first opening speech in witch he welcomed all the teams to Sweden and Gothenburg.
The official CISM representative Lt. Col. Mesut Cerit from Turkey said:
"Today, we are gathered here under the slogan of Friendship Through Sport. So, I wholeheartedly believe that new friendship and fraternity ties will be established among the military athletes which will also contribute to the peace in the world."

Major General Anders Brännström pointed out what a great opportunity these games are to meet new friends from other countries. Multinational military co-operation is important for peacekeeping. He finished his speech by declaring the 2009 European Military Fencing Championship opened.

All saluted the CISM and the Swedish flag during the CISM anthem and the Swedish national anthem.
The Bohus-Älvsborgs Karoliner finished the ceremony with a big bang from a 18th century cannon.

Let the games begin!