The 17th contingent is preparing for Afghanistan

The Staff Officers course for Afghanistan (FS SOC) is conducted twice a year, March and October. This course has been conducted by SWEDINT four times before (FS13, 14, 15 and 16).

Course photo Photo: Försvarsmakten

The two week course is divided in two phases. It is tailor made for the Swedish PRT in Afghanistan. The first phase is mainly lecturers from outside of the International Centre, containing different subject matter experts like COIN (counter-insurgency), fresh update from the mission area and PSYOPS lectures. The second phase consists of staff training and map exercise.

 The students, is the staff of the 17th contingent (FS17) who will be posted in northern Afghanistan for a six month period starting in April 2009. The total number of students is sixty. The course is conducted from 23 March to 3 April.

The FS17 SOC overall purpose is to prepare nationally trained staff officers in different ranks for assignments in the Swedish Provisional Reconstruction team (SWE PRT) located in Mazar-e Sharif.